They were educated at the local Riverland’s School in Marlborough where she graduated with a Proficiency Certificate in 1915. Julia, who was known as Monica, went on to gain her General Nursing and Maternity Certificates in the Nelson and Wairau Hospitals prior to entering the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion in 1927, the year after the death of Mother Joseph.

At her Reception into the Noviciate, Monica received Jerome as her Religious name. During her Noviciate, she was given the responsibility of Charge Nurse of the large St Anne’s Ward for invalid women. Along with her excellent nursing abilities went kindness and compassion. Following Religious Profession, Sister Jerome was appointed to St Vincent’s Home in Auckland, then to Aubert Home in Whanganui, and in 1941 to St Anne’s Home in Broken Hill where she was part of the foundation Community of Sisters.  Climatic conditions were detrimental to Jerome’s health and acting on advice she returned to the Island Bay community to recuperate. Unfortunately her health problems increased and in 1972,  following a stroke, she lost the gift of speech. This disability didn’t deter her willingness to help others and in finding ways of communicating her messages to them.

During her retirement she increased her visits to the chapel and was often seen with her favourite prayer book and rosary beads in her hands. Daily attendance at Mass became a very important part of her prayer life.  She enjoyed doing minor tasks within the Sisters’ Infirmary, and in return they showed their appreciation of her.

Her death came suddenly. Sister Jerome spent a wonderful lifetime of self-giving, had an energetic personality, and gave an abundance of compassionate care to the sick and frail in many of our Homes of Compassion.

May she rest in peace.











































Born                    Entered            Professed              Died                  Place of Death             Place of Burial

27.09.1898     24.06.1927        23.01.1930        20.08.1975             Wellington                 Karori Cemetery