Archives was set up to preserve the spirit and memory of Suzanne Aubert, the tradition of the Sisters of Compassion, and to foster appreciation of the history of our Congregation. It includes originals and copies of her letters and of manuscripts written by her on the Māori language, herbal remedies, household hints and recipes, spiritual reflections etc.

It also has articles and newspaper cuttings about Suzanne Aubert and the Sisters of Compassion, reminiscences and memoirs, a selection of photographs from the 1890s, tapes of interviews with the Sisters and others related to the growth of the Congregation, fundraising, childcare and work with children with disabilities.

Sister Josephine Gorman is responsible for the Archives, which is attached to the Island Bay Home of Compassion in Wellington.

The Archives is open weekdays from 10am to 4pm. If you would like to visit, please contacts us to make a prior appointment giving an indication of your area of interest.