Activities for Schools

Suzanne Aubert was born on 19 June 1835. Each year the Sisters of Compassion celebrate the occasion with a Birthday Mass.

Join the celebrations with this year’s activity. Learn about this inspirational woman while you create.

2023 Love is like the pendulum of a clock which sets in motion all other parts

Love was at the centre of Meri Hōhepa Suzanne Aubert’s work. She once wrote that “love is the life of the heart, and like the pendulum of a clock which sets in motion all the other parts. Love gives to the soul all the movement it has. ” Learn more about her legacy of compassionate work, and explore some fun and engaging activities for her 188th birthday!

Individual activities available for single-sided printing below. The Sisters love to see your work – send us some at Our Lady’s Home of Compassion. If it arrives by June 14th, we can have it on
display for the Birthday week!

Colouring Activities
Colour Cut and Paste Love-In-Action Clock
Draw Love-In-Action Clock
Word Combo Love-in-Attitude and Love-in-Action Clock

2022 A heart like an artichoke

Suzanne Meri had a heart full of love for everyone. She said, “Let us have a heart like an artichoke,
and such a big one that everybody can have a leaf of it”. Learn more about Suzanne Meri’s attitude of plentiful love, and create an artichoke heart art activity to celebrate Suzanne Meri’s 187th birthday!

2021 Light a Candle for Suzanne’s Aubert’s Birthday

Suzanne had great trust in God. She said, “Providence is my Bank” and when she needed help she prayed to St Joseph. In this year of St Joseph, explore the links between Suzanne Aubert-Meri Hōhepa, St Joseph-Hato Hōhepa, the Compassion Soup Kitchen and Divine Providence. Make a birthday candle artwork for Suzanne and a votive artwork candle with your prayer for St Joseph.

2020 Make a Compassion Cupcake for Suzanne Aubert’s Birthday

“Kindness is what most resembles God.” Compassion and kindness are needed in our world today more than ever. Reflect on Suzanne Aubert’s heroic life of service and compassion, write a recipe for a compassion cupcake, then make an artwork or a real cupcake to celebrate Suzanne’s birthday.

2019 How do Suzanne Aubert’s Footsteps inspire you?

“Let us have courage on the journey.” Suzanne’s life and work is inspirational for us here in Aotearoa-New Zealand. How does Suzanne’s example inspire you to follow in her footsteps? Make your birthday footstep and decorate your school or church in time for Suzanne’s birthday, or send some footsteps to the Sisters of Compassion to decorate the church at the Birthday Mass on Wednesday 19 June.

2018 Make a Bouquet of Flowers for Suzanne Aubert’s Birthday

Suzanne’s quote, “Always pick the little flower of hope”, is the inspiration for the 2018 Birthday activity. Bring flower(s) to represent your class, school, or group to our table at the Catholic Education Convention, or send them to us in Wellington. We will decorate the church with them for the Birthday Mass on Tuesday 19 June.

2017 Suzanne Aubert Birthday Bunting Activity

Schools from around New Zealand made bunting flags to hand at the Birthday Mass at St Anne’s Church, Newtown, Wellington.

2016 Birthday Card Gallery