Mission Statement 

“We are committed to encouraging each other through prayer, reflection and action to live lives that more fully express the compassion of Jesus Christ.  In this spirit of love for all peoples, we seek to journey together to deepen this commitment in our daily lives.”

Who are Associates?  

Whilst maintaining their own way of life, Associates of Suzanne Aubert are women and men who:

  • acknowledge a common call to live Gospel values in the spirit of Suzanne Aubert.
  • desire association with the Sisters as a means of personal and spiritual growth.
  • gather from time to time to deepen their understanding of and relationship with the Sisters.
  • share in the Compassion Charism and mission through prayer, service, and celebration.
  • are a sign of God’s healing presence in our broken world.
  • are supported and encouraged by the Sisters of Compassion and, in turn, they enrich and support the vocation of the Sisters.

If you would like more information please contact: 

Sue Seconi, email: seconi@xtra.co.nz

Christine Kelly, email: chriskelly7@xtra.co.nz, 027 294 2983

Paul Ramsay, email: paul@clear.net.nz, 027 444 9023

Sr Sue Cosgrove, email: sr.sue@compassion.org.nz, 022 659 4970