How can I donate now?

There are several options now available, and they are:

1. Website

You can click here to donate online. There, you will be able to make a secure one-off donation, or set up an ongoing gift using your debit or credit card.

2. Phone

To donate over the phone, you can call us on (04) 383 7769. We will help you to make a secure donation using your debit or credit card.

3. Donation slip

You can fill in your debit or credit card details on this slip and return it to us.

4. Internet Banking

If you would like to donate through Internet Banking, there are two ways to do so:

  1. In your Internet Banking, type ‘Sisters of Compassion’ (official name – The Mother Aubert Home of Compassion Trust Board) in the payee box and our account details will appear.
  2. You can make a donation directly into our bank account: BNZ 02-0500-0017474-00. Please enter your name and supporter number (if you know it) in the reference fields.

If this is your first donation to us, please let us know your details by emailing or calling 04 595 5803, so that we can send you a receipt.

5. Automatic Payment

You can set up an automatic payment through Internet Banking or at your local branch. There, you will be able to choose how often you would like to donate.

Click here for the automatic payment form. For more details on donating through automatic payments, click here.

6. Direct Debit Payment

You can set up regular payments from your bank account to occur say on the 20th of each month. Please fill out the direct debit form linked below and return it back to us via post. We will organise a monthly donation from your bank account or credit card.

Click here for the direct debit form.

7. At your bank

Your bank can help you with different donation options. Visit your local branch, or bank website to see what services they offer.

Contact us

Talk to us today about donations options to suit you. If you are concerned about how to continue to support Sisters of Compassion now that cheques are being phased out, you are welcome to contact us at 04 595 5803 or email We can advise you on how you can continue to support us in the future.

Please download the Sisters of Compassion donation deposit slip if you need to refer to our bank details when donating.       

We greatly appreciate your donation, and understand that this may be a difficult time for many of our supporters.

Thank you for your continued support.