The Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion, usually known as the Sisters of Compassion, was founded by Suzanne Aubert in 1892. It remains the only Zealand-founded congregation of Sisters.

For more than a century, the Sisters have taught, nursed and provided homes for children, frail and elderly people in New  Zealand and the South Pacific.

We follow the Mission of Jesus in the Spirit of our Founder Suzanne Aubert. We are committed to supporting those of all creeds and none.

The Sisters, and the staff they inspire, are committed to deliver compassion care throughout their community by providing meals, food and basic needs to those who have very little; caring for the elderly, and providing individual and family support. We seek to bring dignity to the lives of the aged, the powerless and the poor.

We hope our story is an inspiration to you.

We are here to journey with you.