Sister was in Wairoa for 6 years and while there worked with the parish in establishing St. Peter’s Drop-in-Centre.  On leaving Wairoa, Sister Litia was appointed Chaplain at Whanganui Prison for 9 years, and when she left on the 22 November 2013, Sister was honoured at a farewell luncheon where she was acknowledged for her services by Bishop Cullinane and Tony Murphy (General Manager of the Diocesan Office, Palmerston North). On this occasion she recalled the times when she sat with a murderer, or child abuser and it didn’t make any difference to her ministry. She respected them for who they were. After her Sabbatical leave, Sister Litia now helps at the Te Rau Oriwa Marae, drop in centre, near St Mary’s church in Whanganui. Sister Litia contributes to the centre’s activities including the sing-along and the meditation sessions. She welcomes all people to join to enable them to gain a sense of well-being. She was quoted as saying: “It is really about offering warmth and friendship to anyone who wants to come along.”