Thelma, on entering the Sisters of Compassion, received the name Agnes. On completing her religious training, Sister Agnes was professed as a Sister of Compassion on 19th March 1962. Sister trained as a registered nurse and was well known as a skilled nurse who was very attentive, kind and gentle.

Sister Agnes suffered from illness for many years but her strong faith and belief in God’s goodness gave her the strength to persevere against all odds. Sister had devotion to the rosary and relied on St Joseph for all her needs.

Since 2002 Sister Agnes lived in a Compassion Housing unit at Upper Hutt. There she became well known and loved by the people she met in the parish and by the shopkeepers who came to know her well.

The week before her death, Agnes had visited the Home of Compassion at Island Bay to see the sisters. She wrote back saying how delighted she was with the exhibition area and that it was far beyond any expectations.

Sister died at the Lower Hutt hospital on 6th November 2018. There was a memorial Mass on 23rd November at St Joseph’s Upper Hutt where she was known and loved. Sister Agnes responded faithfully to God and what He asked her to do. May she rest in peace.

Birth                  Entered           Professed         Died            Place of Death      Place of Burial

06.05.1940     12.09.1959     19.03.1962    06.11.2018      Lower Hutt        Karori Cemetery