When Joan returned to New Zealand in 1940, and she entered the Sisters of Compassion at Island Bay.  Four other young women entered about the same time. They journeyed together and celebrated their respective Golden Jubilees in 1993.

At reception Joan received Winifred as her religious name. Following her profession in 1943, Sister did her General Nursing Training and spent many years applying her nursing skills and abilities at the Island Bay hospital. Her bright and lively personality appealed to many people and they soon became her friends. The Surgeons at the hospital recognised and appreciated Sister’s experience and proficiency as the principal Theatre Sister. This extended into the training of student nurses who appreciated Winifred’s attention to detail while taking into consideration the safety and well-being of the patient as the most important factor at all times. Sister’s skills also extended into Hospital administration and for many years she assisted with the hospital records and registers.

Illness and frailty brought a change into Winifred’s life and the call to adjust to new ministries became a big challenge for her. She had short periods in Auckland, Timaru and Broken Hill Homes. Returning to New Zealand Sister opted for Flaxmere and there entered into the Māori Culture of the local environment. Her affinity with the people was appreciated and friendships quickly developed within this new community.

Returning from a New Life Renewal in Sydney, Winifred joined the community in Whanganui and eventually received the appropriate nursing care at the Aubert Home of Compassion. There she enjoyed the companionship of the Sisters and visits from friends. Prayer and daily Mass were very important in her active and retirement years as a Sister of Compassion. She had a peaceful death in the presence of the Sisters and was laid to rest in the Aramoho Cemetery.


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