Martha entered the Sisters of Compassion in February, 1907, but due to heart trouble and the advice of Dr. Herbert, she returned home. Martha re-entered the Sisters of Compassion in 1909 and was given her Religious name Sister M. Helen on her Reception Day. Sister was Professed on 19 March, 1918.  She was the younger sister of Sister Patrick who had entered the Sisters of Compassion in 1902.

Throughout her life, Sister Helen suffered ill-health but in between her illnesses she was able to join different Communities in Jerusalem-Hiruhārama, Whanganui and Silverstream.

In 1944, she returned to the Infirmary at Island Bay very ill.  Doctor O’Regan decided to operate, but found he could do nothing for her due to a malignant growth.  Her acceptance throughout this time was most edifying, and she endured great pain without a murmur.  Sister Martha was anointed on Good Friday, and died a few days later on Easter Sunday surrounded by the Sisters of Compassion who were praying at her bedside.

Birth                     Entered            Professed              Died             Place of Death          Place of Burial

11.09.1889       27.02.1907         19.03.1912        23.04.1944          Island Bay            Karori Cemetery