Sister recalls the first Sister of Compassion she met was Sister Yvonne who was so bubbly and welcoming that she decided then and there that this is the life for her. Sister Sarto always appreciated the nursing training she received in our hospital. She said “You were well trained and looked after and were always given the help you needed to learn, I loved it.” On completing her nursing training sister moved to Timaru and was there until she was appointed to be in charge of Chanel Home in Fiji. On returning to New Zealand Sister has been living at Marian Court where initially she used to travel into Wellington each day to work in the Crypt under the church of St Mary of the Angels. The clients who visited the crypt were people mainly off the street; everyone was welcome to come in for a cup of tea, or coffee, served with nourishing sandwiches. Unfortunately Sister became ill and had to have her leg amputated, this she accepted with peace of mind and courage believing that God was with her. The only other Sister of Compassion to have her leg amputated was Sister Martha Hinnegan in 1937.