A report from a teacher describes Jane as an intelligent and successful pupil. She was given a high character reference for future studies within the teaching profession which never eventuated due to family duties. For a short period Jane was an Assistant Teacher at the Lytton School in Fielding.

The call to Religious life was strong and, in 1925, Jane entered the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion at the Foundation house in Buckle Street. At Reception into the Noviciate, Jane received Philomena as her Religious name. Following Profession, along with six other Sisters, she trained and graduated as a General Nurse. She received high praise from the medical profession for her skills and reliability with her nursing care and attention to detail.

Ill health struck early in her Religious life and two years after graduating, Philomena developed disturbing symptoms of headaches and general sickness. Medical opinion advised surgery which revealed terminal cancer. The Sisters commenced a series of Novenas to Mother Aubert for Sister Philomena’s cure. Philomena was resigned to the outcome and throughout this time of prayer gained great peace of mind and heart. She contributed this to the power of the prayer and her strong faith inherited from her parents and her response to God’s invitation to be a Sister of Compassion.  Throughout her illness Philomena was greatly supported by her family and the Sisters who attended to her nursing care.

Mother Joseph’s words: “Life is given to us to seek God, death to find Him and eternity to possess Him” are truly applicable for this loyal and faithful Sister of Compassion.

Born             Entered          Professed            Died              Place of Death     Place of Burial

23.01.1894   16.11.1925   15.06.1928       01.09.1936        Wellington       Karori Cemetery