Catherine entered the Sisters of Compassion at Buckle Street on the 19 October 1902 at the age of fifteen.

On the 14 April, 1904 she started her Novitiate, taking her religious name Sister Mary Patrick. His Grace Archbishop Redwood was the celebrant at her reception ceremony and Mother Mary Joseph Aubert, the Sister in Charge. Archbishop Redwood was again the celebrant and Mother Joseph Aubert in charge when Sister Patrick was professed on the 11 December, 1905. Sister made her perpetual profession at St. Vincent’s Home in Auckland on 15 December, 1911.

The first few years of Sister Patrick’s Religious Life were spent at Buckle Street, until 1910 when she was transferred to the first St. Vincent’s Home, Hobson Street, Auckland, where she remained until 1913. On leaving Auckland Sister returned to Buckle Street, and was there for the next twenty years except for short intervals at Jerusalem-Hiruhārama. When the first Community was formed at Silverstream, Sister Patrick was one of its foundation members.

From 1951, Sister worked in Island Bay and Whanganui, celebrating her Golden Jubilee of Profession at Island Bay on the 8 December, 1955.

On 26 June, 1957 she came back to the Mother House, and shortly afterwards went on van duty as second Sister. During that year she suffered a heart attack, and was for some weeks in the infirmary. She made a good recovery and later resumed her duty on the van. She also spent time in the Kitchen every afternoon peeling fruit, before going to the boys’ ward to do the tea dishes. She used to call this ‘going to the rugby!’

In May 1968, Sister Patrick was admitted to the Infirmary with a malignant growth. She remained there until her death, which came very gently on the 18 March, 1969.  Sister Patrick had been in religious life for 66 years and was at that time the longest serving member of the Sisters of Compassion. Sister was buried at Karori. Sister Patrick was of a very quiet disposition. She spoke little, but prayed much. She had a great love for Mother Aubert. Another link with Mother Aubert and our early pioneer Sisters.

Born                   Entered              Professed              Died             Place of Death          Place of Burial

23.01.1887      19.10.1902           11.12.1905         18.03.1969           Island Bay          Karori Cemetery