Although her health was not robust, Mother Aubert decided to admit her although she thought Martha would not reach old age. When the Novitiate moved to Island Bay, Martha was one of the first four Postulants to receive the Habit and was given her Religious name Sister Mary Stanislaus.

Sister Stanislaus was Professed on 28 September, 1910, and soon afterwards began the St. John’s Ambulance Course in Nursing.  This was successfully completed in 1915. When the Sisters of Compassion returned to Vermont Street, Ponsonby, in 1933, Sister Stanislaus was one of the first Sisters to go there. Three years later, she was appointed Local Econome at Buckle Street, where she lived until April, 1939. Following her appointment to Buckle Street, Sister Stanislaus returned to Island Bay during which time she was ‘on the van’.  In those days, one of the younger Sisters accompanied her and she introduced them to the markets and the gathering of fruit and vegetables from the green-grocers.

Sister Stanislaus also worked at Jerusalem where she remained until 1956.  At Jerusalem-Hiruhārama, Sister looked after the poultry, took her turn on playground duty, and prepared many children for their First Holy Communion. She had a special gift for teaching catechism and the children responded to her well.

When Mother Aubert’s health began to deteriorate in 1923, Sister Stanislaus was her personal attendant, a position she occupied for more than two years.

Sister Stanislaus was very well-known in Wellington where she did a lot of social work, visiting the sick in their own homes and in hospital, and also laying out the dead.

Sister died quietly on 12 December, 1960. She was a true child of Mary, ready to follow her call as a Sister of Compassion.

Born                    Entered                  Professed            Died                  Place of Death               Place of Burial

19.04.1885       08.12.1907             28.09.1910        12.12.1960              Island Bay                  Karori Cemetery