Prior to entering the Sisters of Compassion, Margaret was employed for about six years at the then well-known John Court’s drapers shop in Auckland. On leaving this employment to enter the Sisters of Compassion, her reference letter gave credit to her talents and gifts and to her bright and happy personality.

At the beginning of her noviciate Margaret received Sister M. Juliana as her religious name. Following her religious profession Juliana joined the community in Auckland and assisted with the Diocesan Fund campaign for the recently built St Vincent’s Home of Compassion in Herne Bay. It was during her time in Auckland that Juliana became seriously ill and was admitted into the Mater Hospital. She was diagnosed with severe Kidney Disease from which she never recovered.

Returning to the Mother House in Island Bay, Sister Juliana made her final profession but failing health prevented her from being fully active in ministry again. A leg and back injury due to a fall brought extra pain and suffering into her life. When able she assisted with light duties in the Sisters’ infirmary and at times she visited the sick and handicapped children who were nursed in the then St Raphael’s Ward.

Uncomplainingly, Sister Juliana accepted her illness with courage and maturity. As her illness progressed so did the constant pain and discomfort. During her last two weeks of life she had the companionship of her mother at her bedside. This brought her calmness and peace. Dying at the age of 33 and professed for barely seven years, Sister Juliana had lived a very fulfilling though short life as a Sister of Compassion. Prior to dying and in her own humorous way she predicted that her requiem mass would be a joyful one. This took place in the chapel at the Island Bay Home, on St Peter and St Paul’s feast-day with the full rubrics of a joyful solemn high mass.

Birth                     Entered             Professed             Died               Place of Death           Place of Burial

09.07.1908        18.11.1933         15.09.1936        26.06.1942           Island Bay             Karori Cemetery