Prior to her family immigrating and settling in New Zealand. Eileen was in her teenage years on arrival into this new country with many opportunities and adventures awaiting her and the family. Eileen was 26 when she decided to enter the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion, saying at the time to her mother “ I’ll just try it out and if I don’t like it, I won’t stay”. Her stay and life as a faithful Sister of Compassion mounted to 56 years. By nature, she was a most accommodating person readily available to live in a variety of communities and undertake numerous types of ministry with devotedness and self-sacrifice.

Eileen was received into the novitiate on St Patrick’s day in 1933 and was given an Irish saint as her religious name and so became known as Sister Brigid. Her religious profession followed two years later.

Small in stature, with quickness in her step, Brigid set about her duties with accuracy and no fuss. She loved people and their company so never hesitated in accepting the frequent transfers from one community to another. She made friends wherever she lived, Auckland, Silverstream, Wanganui, Carterton, Broken Hill, Timaru, Flaxmere, a record mileage to and from places for any Sister of Compassion. She readily adapted to people and situations offering a compassionate word or act of kindness accordingly. Punctuality to the chapel for prayer and attendance at community events was a high priority for Brigid.

Her retirement years were spent with the community at St Joseph’s Home in Heretaunga. There God brought her faithful and meaningful life to a close, dying peacefully as she had always lived as a true follower of Suzanne Aubert.

Born           Entered            Professed           Died               Place of Death          Place of Burial

22.10.1905      18.05.1932         19.03.1935        23.08.1988              Wellington            Karori Cemetery