She entered the Sisters of Compassion, Island Bay, on 13 June, 1908, and received Josephine as her Religious name. Sister Josephine was privileged to have known and lived with Mother Aubert thus absorbing her spirituality of simplicity and prayer. Religious profession followed in 1911 and she was soon introduced into the active life of a Sister of Compassion.

In 1921, Sister Josephine graduated as a nurse and applied this knowledge to caring for the sick. Sister Josephine was given charge of the incurable boys, and when they were transferred to Buckle Street, Sister went with them but returned two months later, probably due to a long-standing heart condition.

Sister Josephine was never robust, but she had a wonderful spirit of endurance and worked continuously at a steady pace. She  was  most conscientious and reliable – the  clocks  in  the Convent always kept perfect time while she was looking after them. During the winter months Sister used to gather the wood for the open fire, banking it up to have it nice and cosy for the Sisters during the evening recreation.

For many years she acted as Portress in the Convent. Sister did most of the downstairs housework until she was relieved of portions of it during her advancing years.

On Monday morning, 24 July 1961, Sister Josephine died suddenly. She had been up and about as usual, mopping and dust­ing the corridor between the Chapel and the Infirmary.  After the Chaplain left the Infirmary to return to the Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament, Sister followed him, as was her wont, to turn off lights and close doors. When she was about to go into the chapel for Mass, she met Sister Imelda and told her she did not feel well.  She was advised to go and lie down. During Mass, Sister Imelda slipped out to see how Sister Josephine was; she noticed Sister was comfortable.  However, after Mass when she returned, Sister Josephine collapsed while talking to her, and literally died in Sister Imelda’s arms.  She looked very peaceful and showed no trace of illness or pain.

Born                    Entered               Professed             Died               Place of Death           Place of Burial

31.10.1882        13.06.1908         07.04.1911        24.07.1961        Wellington              Karori Cemetery