It gives me great joy to invite you to consider spending time with us at our retreat centres. This is an opportunity for you to take time to relax, rest, reflect and to be refreshed or make important decisions in a quiet and contemplative environment.

Suzanne Aubert encouraged her sisters to be present to the moment. She saw it as ‘God’s now’ and within it were the seeds of future growth. In all things she knew that good would prevail and she refused to succumb to despair. Suzanne Aubert wrote ‘Let us never lose courage on our journey.’  She continues to inspire many today. The best way to be refreshed is to go to Hiruhārama-Jerusalem and to Our Lady’s Home of Compassion Island Bay.

At both our retreat centres we offer hospitality and support with loving concern and compassion. We welcome people of ‘all creeds and none’ regardless of their circumstance.

Hiruhārama-Jerusalem is a wonderful place for spiritual healing and an essential waypoint on any Pilgrim’s journey in New Zealand. Phone 06 342 8190 or book accommodation here.

At Our Lady’s Home of Compassion, a Spiritual programme is being offered. There are also opportunities for evening meditations, Taizé chants, quiet days and short or long retreats. In addition, there are week long individually guided retreats with always the opportunity of people coming for a few hours, days or weeks of personal private retreat.

Visitors can join the sisters for Mass and prayer in our chapel. Contact us for the chapel timetable.

I ask you to consider spending time with us at one or both of our retreat centres.