Besides supporting and encouraging people in need, Sister taught handcraft and was able to sell the completed work by the women, to enable them to buy school books, bags and lunches for their children. From 1994 until the present (2018) Sister Veronica has been the Hospital Chaplain at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital and St Giles Psychiatric Hospital for 27 years. Sister cooks food on a Saturday morning to take to the park in the centre of Suva to feed people who do not have access to a good meal. In 2014 Sister Veronica celebrated her Golden Jubilee and all her brothers and sisters returned to Fiji for the occasion. Sister said “That was quite an experience actually. I did not expect everybody to come but I am so grateful that God had given me the opportunity for a family reunion and I keep thanking God for my family, for their support and love all these years, and I will continue to do that.”