She was surprised and delighted when she learnt Suzanne Aubert and the Sisters had come to work in Wellington in 1899. Mary was one of the crowd that went to visit the Sisters in their little cottage in Buckle Street on the first Sunday in January 1899, bringing gifts of food and goods. She had two brothers, one of whom became a Marist priest, Dr. Charles Casey.  He was ordained in 1911, and officiated at Mary’s funeral in 1948.

Mary entered the Sisters of Compassion at Buckle Street on 15 August 1900, together with four other young women who were drawn to the spirit of the Sisters of Compassion. On 21 November 1900, they all began their Novitiate, travelling up to Whanganui by train, and then by steamer to Jerusalem-Hiruhārama where they spent one year in preparation for their Profession. Mary Casey was given her Religious name Sister Mary Vincent.

On 8 December 1901, Sister Vincent was Professed in Jerusalem-Hiruhārama. Shortly after her Profession, she returned to Buckle Street in 1903, then went to Jerusalem-Hiruhārama until 1910. In May 1910, Sister was in Auckland for 8 months but returned to Buckle Street and Island Bay alternately until 1926 when she was transferred to Ranana.

In April 1927, Sister Vincent was Second in Charge at Buckle Street, and when the men were transferred to the new St Joseph’s Home of Compassion, Silverstream, Sister remained at Buckle Street in charge of the crèche until 1934.

Sister Vincent’s health was indifferent for many years. From her childhood, she had suffered from weak ankles, and in later life had to wear high boots firmly laced to enable her to walk safely. She remained active however and was determined to keep on her feet.

In 1942, Sister Vincent was given charge of spirituality in St Anne’s Ward, which she carried out with great devotion until her failing health obliged her to give it up. She visited the sick in their homes, and the Public and Calvary Hospitals, as frequently as her health permitted.

Sister Vincent died very peacefully on the evening on Monday, 3 October, 1948.

Born                    Entered          Professed            Died             Place of Death          Place of Burial

11.10.1873        15.08.1900      08.12.1901       03.10.1948         Island Bay            Karori Cemetery