“Toward the end of my role as a Community Coordinator of the Island Bay community in 2005, Sister Rae asked what would I like to do, I said I would like to do something more gentle with my life, so I requested the CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education). That was wonderful learning for me as it built up my confidence and my listening skills and also deepened my faith. In 2008 I received a letter from Bishop John Dew asking me to help Fr. Ray Stachurski as Roman Catholic Chaplain at Wellington Hospital for 20 hours a week. I started working in the Hospital on Monday, 16 November 2009. After three years, Fr. Ray retired and Fr. Patrick Bridgman replaced him. Father Patrick moved to a Parish and Fr. Dennis Nacorda and Michele Lafferty began with the hospital chaplaincy. After a year of working with them, the four local parishes formed into one Parish, with Fr. Dennis as Parish Priest. In Wellington Hospital and the Mary Potter Hospice, Michele Lafferty and I are the Catholic Chaplains”. In December 2019 Sister Sia retired as Roman Catholic Chaplain at Wellington Hospital after ten years of service. She said it was a privilege for her to accept the call for this ministry. After her retirement, Sister Sia moved to Marian Court, Upper Hutt.