Sister Rae was Professed as a Sister of Compassion in 1970. Following her Profession, she worked with the elderly for some years. Working with the elderly was her forte, she loved it. After six years in charge of St Vianney’s in Timaru she was elected to the Leadership team in 1993. Six years later in 1999 she was elected Congregational Leader a position she held for 12 Years. Sister said the most positive decision made during her term as leader, was the purchase of 92 Pensioner Houses at Upper Hutt. The biggest change made, was the closure of the hospital. Meetings were held with representatives from the Government and the Health Department. Professionals were employed by the sisters to explore the needs in the community and look at other options for continuing the hospital. When Suzanne Aubert opened the hospital in 1926 it was needed to train the sisters as registered nurses and to care for the sick and people in need who had difficulty in accessing the public system. Sister Rae is now living at Loreto Home in Wagga Wagga, Australia.