At the age of 16 Barbara, young and adventurous, was already setting her goals for life and decided to enter the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion.

At reception into noviciate Barbara received Celine as her religious name. This she retained throughout her long and active religious life. Following her profession she was appointed to St Joseph’s Home to assist with the nursing care of elderly and frail men. Further challenges lay ahead for Celine as she was transferred to various Homes, but it was in teaching small children that she excelled and enjoyed the most. She completed qualifications in early childhood education and obtained a Childcare Supervisor’s Certificate which opened more opportunities for her teaching skills. She taught in Jerusalem, Buckle Street Crèche and at St Raphael’s School in Carterton. Her warm smile and gentle approach to people endeared her to this ministry.

Unfortunately ill health brought a huge change into Celine’s life. The crippling effects of Multiple Sclerosis gradually dominated her lifestyle. Various treatments were recommended and tried to halt the progress of the disease. Her determined disposition enabled her to turn limitations into positive achievements and these gave quality of life during the long period of her illness. At Island Bay Celine applied her energy and knowledge to the meticulous task of attending to the Sister’s library. She catalogued each book and kept the selves well stocked with new and interesting publications for the Sister’s use.

For health reasons Sister Celine to move to the warmer climate of Tauranga. There she inter-mingled with various community agencies for 26 years, as a Volunteer with SVDP, SPCA and MS Assn. Her compassionate concern and empathy for others stemmed from her own disabilities and subsequent experiences. She died peacefully in the Tauranga Hospital.

Born                   Entered            Professed              Died                  Place of Death             Place of Burial

09.06.1924     21.02.1940       19.03.1946        04.08.2012               Tauranga                Karori Cemetery