She also obtained a diploma in Catechism and Theology. In 1990 she completed a BA degree at Massey University, majoring in Māori studies.  Sister taught at St Pius X school, St Agnes School in Fiji, St Anne’s school in Newtown and St Raphaels’s in Carterton.  Besides her gift as a very good teacher, she is possessed with an amazing memory and has a very good general knowledge about most things. When you think of Sheila, what comes to mind is her amazing hand craft. With poor vision she has knitted many cardigans and jerseys for a number of sisters and others. Cross stitch was also her speciality, and over the years she has made little gifts worked in cross stitch which she loved to give away. She was so original and creative, delighting in what she was creating. Sister Sheila was especially proud of the crib scene she knitted not long before her illness. It was a labour of love. Sadly, today Sister Sheila is a resident at the Berhampore Vincentian Home, where she is receiving loving care. Her sufferings are great but as Suzanne wrote ‘painful sufferings are those which bear most fruit for our works, and for the salvation of souls’.