Dorothy Rose was gifted with a variety of talents which she shared generously during her long life as a Sister of Compassion. Prior to entering the Congregation, she attained her Teaching Certificate in 1943, and following a short period as a Relief Teacher at St Pius X School, Dorothy Rose entered the Sisters of Compassion in 1938. On reception into the Noviciate she received Walburga as her Religious name. This saint’s name received many variations from her pupils and friends. Following her Profession in 1940, Sister Walburga embarked on a wonderful life, ever energetic and enthusiastic for achieving new goals. She became well known for her vivid imagination, her surprising ideas, and her application to a host of projects.

Sister taught at the Therapy School for the handicapped children over seven years. Her teaching skills were also valued at the Ranana and Jerusalem schools. Here she made lifetime friends amongst the Māori pupils and families. For many years, Sister participated in their annual camps. Always able and willing, she applied her teaching skills at St Agnes’s School in Suva where she is fondly remembered by her pupils.

Sister Walburga achieved many certificates and diplomas relating to the teaching profession. The recognition that gave her most pride and joy was the Proeccelisia Pontifice Award from the then Pope, John Paul II. It was presented to her by her longstanding friend Thomas Cardinal Williams as an expression of gratitude for her commitment to the Māori Pastoral Ministry during 1980-1990 in Porirua and the Wairarapa.

Sister Walburga excelled in creative writing, leaving behind a collection of stories and poems which give insight into how she appreciated creation and people. She enjoyed her years living at St Joseph’s Home, the companionship, the bus trips, and other entertainments. Sister died peacefully at the Home. Her Requiem was held in the Chapel at Island Bay where Sisters, family and friends gathered to express their gratitude to God for the influence she had on their lives.

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