Margaret entered the Sisters of Compassion, Island Bay, on 27 July 1910.

On entrance into the Novitiate she received her Religious name, Sister Mary Natalie.

On November 6, 1918, Sister Natalie was elected Novice Mistress by the Sisters Leadership Team. The appointment was pro tem, pending the General Chapter to be held on the return of Mother Aubert from Rome.

On 3 December, Sister caught the virulent flu that had plagued the country about the time of the Armistice.  It was thought she may have caught it through visiting her brother who had a severe dose.  Although Sister Natalie was a nurse, she did not attend the victims of the epidemic as she and her Novices were in charge of the Nursery and every precaution was made to keep the children isolated from the rest of the house for fear of any infection reaching the babies. Infection did reach the nursery, however, through the admission of an infant who had brought the germ with her; all the toddlers caught it badly which entailed grave anxiety and much work.

Five days later, Sister was pronounced dangerously ill by Dr. Mackin. She received Holy Viaticum at 11.30 p.m. on the night of the 12th – she had previously taken her Perpetual Vows and had been anointed. The Community were with her until she breathed her last at 20 minutes to one o’clock  on the morning of December 13, 1918.

The evening before Sister Natalie died, Father Cullen had consecrated the Home of Compassion to the Sacred Heart. Whether owing to the Consecration or to Sister Natalie’s intercession, the epidemic abated at the Island Bay Home almost from the moment which Sister died.

Born                   Entered              Professed            Died            Place of Death         Place of Burial

15.11.1885      27.07.1910           02.10.1913        13.12.1918        Wellington          Karori Cemetery