Her secondary education was at St Dominic’s College in Auckland. After graduating from the Dominican Sisters’ College, Margaret Mary chose teaching as her professional career and taught in Hamilton before entering the Sisters of Compassion.

A gifted and talented woman, Sister Margaret Mary was given opportunities to continue with further studies in music, theology, management, Pastoral Care and Clown Ministry. With her vivacious and outgoing personality she became a faithful and trusted friend to many people. Her warmth and sincerity attracted the less fortunate and disadvantaged person into her life. This blended well into her ministry of recent times as Pastoral Carer at St Joseph’s Home of Compassion. Her empathy with residents and their families and with the dedicated staff of the Home had no restrictions or boundaries.

Her diverse ministries at lsland Bay, Whanganui, Jerusalem-Hiruhārama, Carterton, and the Compassion Soup Kitchen, enabled her to develop and use her skills and talents to their full potential. Opportunities in management, social services, leadership, education and liturgical ministries gave her a full and satisfying life as a Sister of Compassion. Sister Margaret Mary generously shared her creative and musical gifts in Community and she enabled others to be part of the creativity which enhanced a strong team spirit.

While Sister Margaret Mary was in Jerusalem-Hiruhārama, she was one of the principle actors in the documentary ‘How Far is Heaven’. It showed the Sisters and people living in Jerusalem-Hiruhārama, including the journey of Sister Margaret Mary herself, as she was a regular volunteer at the school at Ranana.

During Sister Margaret Mary’s short and unexpected illness the Sisters were able to share time at her bedside. Her courage in facing pain, separation, leaving unfinished business, letting go and letting God’s love gently take hold of her life, formed the mosaic of this pathway into eternity. Sister Margaret Mary’s daily mantra was ” Come into my consciousness O God, let me know your presence every moment, keep my heart in your peace, shine your love through my life”.

Born                    Entered            Professed           Died           Place of Death         Place of Burial

4.05.1950        15.09.1972        19.03.1975      29.12.2013      Silverstream          Karori cemetery


Sister Margaret Mary’s story on video.