“Two years after I had begun my training as a Sister of Compassion in Island Bay, Wellington…  I thought that I had planned things well. I had talked with God–I would give it a go for a few years. If things did not work out, I would return to teaching and in time train as a special needs teacher. After my First Profession I had a year at the school in Carterton and just loved the work. I have taught with other special children in Newtown-St Anne’s, and in Wilcannia-NSW Australia. However I have now been away from teaching for many years. So, ‘why do I stay’ if I am not able to follow my initial call to teach special needs kids? Well the mystery of God has led me to be taught by a variety of special people, and it is because of this mystery that I stay. For many years I have been involved in the operational changes of the Homes of Compassion. Outside structures have forced the Homes to change, and fewer women are entering Religious Life.  Even though it had been a little chaotic at times I believe that God was in the chaos. Knowing that, and believing in God’s providence, I knew all was well.” Sister Margaret Anne Mills.

Sister Margaret Anne plays a very important role as leader of the Sisters of Compassion during this time in our history. ‘


Sister Margaret Anne’s story on video.

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