Bridget entered the Sisters of Compassion, Island Bay, on 21 July, 1934, and at her Reception was given her Religious name Sister Mary Ita.  Following two years Novitiate, Sister Ita was Professed as a Sister of Compassion on the Feast of St. Joseph, 19 March, 1937.

The first years of her Professed life were spent with the babies in the Nursery. In March, 1945, Sister Ita was appointed Second-in-Charge at Broken Hill, and traveled there with Sister Gabrielwho was returning as Sister-in-Charge.  Because of war restrictions, they had difficulty in leaving New Zealand and had to travel via Melbourne and Adelaide.  Sister remained in Broken Hill until early December, 1951.

The following October, Sister was transferred to St.  Vincent’s Home, Auckland, where she stayed until 1954.  From there she went to Timaru, returning in 1957 to take up duties in charge of the Home Kitchen at Island Bay.  Sister Ita returned to Auckland during the 1970s where she had the pleasure of living with her sister, Sister Joan. Her health gradually deteriorated and following a sudden collapse, Sister was admitted to the Auckland Hospital where she failed to respond to medical treatment. Sister Ita died peacefully in the presence of her two Sisters, Joan and Adrian.

A gentle Sister of Compassion, Sister Ita quietly accepted her various ministries and devoted herself with dedication to Christ’s poor, the afflicted and the disadvantaged person. She readily offered a helping hand and her support to others was generous and overflowing.

 Birth                    Entered              Professed            Died              Place of Death             Place of Burial

12.10.1913        21.07.1934          19.03.1937       08.06.1979         Auckland               Panmure Cemetery