Her passion was to help the poor and after expressing a wish to go to South Africa, arrangements were made for her to work with the Little Sisters of the Assumption in Cape Town.  On her return to New Zealand sister wrote about her experiences in Cape Town:  “In 2000 I went there to live with the Little Sisters of the Assumption and to work with some of the poorest people. During my time in South Africa I worked in four areas defined by the people as two coloured areas and two black areas. I worked with a local woman called Magdalene and together visited the sick and the aged. We were able to help people with their physical and spiritual needs. In one of the areas a group of people came together for handwork and I would help them with their crafts so that they could sell their products to get an income for food. At the end of my term In Cape Town I returned to Tonga for a short period before returning to New Zealand.”