Her sister, Gwendoline, had joined the Sisters of Compassion in March 1937, and had been given her Religious name of Sister Andrew.  Ouida followed in Sister Andrew’s footsteps and also became a Sister of Compassion in September, 1941. Her Religious name was Estelle, a name she loved as she was born on the birthday of Mary, Star of the Sea. Sister Estelle was Professed on 19 March, 1944.

During 1954, Sister Estelle was transferred to Wagga Wagga, Australia. She told many stories of her time there as she was a great story teller. In 1957, she was transferred to Chanel Home of Compassion in Fiji, where she was appointed Third in Charge and Treasurer for the next eighteen years.

Sister Estelle was always bright, full of laughter and enthusiasm. She was generous, supportive and a great entertainer, thus making her a great community person and home maker. During her life she kept and developed her many talents and used them to the full. Even though life may have been difficult at times, and the climate in Suva very trying, it was never dull. Whatever she decided to do she put her whole self into it, striving to reach the highest standard. Her projects were many – one was growing pineapples all over the hillside at Chanel Home, and at another time it was growing citrus trees. She always managed to meet the right person to advise her, and as soon as she had the trees established she learnt how to market them. She was so successful she became somewhat of an expert and was not only selling the lemons and oranges, but also the young trees, taking orders from one of the stores in Suva.

Over the years we all remember hearing her endless stories and her humorous poems. Then when she took up the guitar she had the determination to succeed and her enthusiasm spilled over as she gathered groups around her for sing-alongs.

On leaving Fiji, Sister was transferred to Timaru, and then back to Island Bay where she had a fall that damaged her knee cap. Surgery was not successful so she had a steel rod inserted into her leg. At this time she was in Auckland, and as she could not manage the stairs at our Home, she stayed for almost a year with the Sisters of Mercy at Ponsonby.

In 1994, Sister Estelle went to Wanganui to be near Sister Andrew who was in care and they were able to enjoy many happy times together. Wherever Sister went her warm personality won her many friends.  Sister Estelle was able to enjoy her Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Wanganui.

Sister died quietly on 30 January, 2005. She was a woman of faith and prayer and when experiencing difficulties she was guided by St Therese the Little Flower for whom she had devotion.

Birth                      Entered           Professed           Died             Place of Death          Place of Burial

08.09.1920       08.09.1941       19.03.1944      30.01.2005        Wanganui           Wanganui Cemetery