The Cassin family were well known to Mother Aubert, and although Sister Anthony was delicate, she was admitted to Profession on 28 November, 1904.

In January, 1910 Sister Anthony journeyed with Mother Aubert and two other Sisters to form the first Community of Sisters of Compassion in Auckland.  She became the Sister in Charge of the little Community the following year, and worked very hard for the welfare of the many infants who were placed in their care at St. Vincent’s Home of Compassion. It was while in Auckland that she became very ill and had to return to Wellington. It was discovered she had cancer, and she underwent five very serious and extensive operations over the following two years.

Due to her own persistent refusal to become an invalid, she recovered the use of her legs which had appeared to be almost paralysed, and by slow degrees and constant prayer to St. Joseph, she managed to walk a little on crutches; and by slow degrees without them until finally she was as active as ever.

Sister Anthony had a happy disposition, and she jested even when very ill. While Mother Aubert was in Rome, Sister Anthony was constantly on her mind.  Mother prayed that she would be home before Sister died. And so it happened.  On 9 September, 1921, Mother Aubert was there beside Sister Anthony holding her hand as the priest gave her the Last Absolution.

Born                  Entered               Professed             Died               Place of Death        Place of Burial

13.03.1878       26.01.1903         28.11.1904        09.09.1921          Island Bay                 Karori