During her life as a Religious, Sister Emmanuel had many difficul­ties.  She finally returned to secular life, but was never re­leased from her Vows.

In July, 1964, the Sister in Charge, Mother Melchior, was approached by Miss Clare Peters and asked if she could come back to the Sisters of Compassion. She was prepared to come in any capacity.  By this time she was elderly and did not have much longer to live.  She was told she could come back and live as a patient at the Aubert Home of Compassion, Wanganui.  After making all her necessary arrangements she was admitted to the Home on 30 November, 1965.  She chose to come on the 53rd anniversary of the day she had first entered as a Postulant all those years ago.  Clare was very happy at Aubert Home and wrote to Mother Melchior expressing her gratitude

On 11 December, Clare had a stroke that left her with a loss of speech and paralysis down one side of her body. Mother Melchior and Sister Elizabeth went to Wanganui the next day taking the Religious habit with them, and wanting to be with Clare.  All the Sisters were present when she was anointed, and on 13 December, Clare died at 8.30 a.m.

Clare had a lively sense of humour and enjoyed a joke. The Sisters of Compassion owe a lot to the Peters family. Gloria Bell, a passionate Street Day Worker, was Clare’s sister.

Born                  Entered             Professed               Died                  Place of Death          Place of Burial

18.05.1886     30.11.1912          14.10.1915          13.12.1965                Wanganui            Karori Cemetery