There is no record of her date of birth, nor where she came in the family, but two of her brothers became priests, and were well-known to the Sisters in later years.

It is presumed that Mother Aubert knew Mrs Carmine as she had sent her some of her herbal remedies. Two letters, which had been preserved by Fr. Pat Carmine of Broken hill, and handed to the Sisters there, are now in our Archives. The letter written to Kate, prior to her coming to Wellington to begin her Postulancy gives a clear insight as to what the work of a Sister of Compassion would be. It was dated 7 January, 1901. The letter reveals Mother’s spirit, and what she desired to find in those who wished to answer God’s call. It also affords evidence of the principles on which Suzanne founded her works.

Kate Carmine was a much-loved postulant who entered the Sisters of Compassion some months previously before coming very ill, almost unperceived at first. A severe cold developed into pneumonia, and then tuberculosis. Kate was so uncomplaining, so sweet and self-sacrificing that everyone loved her dearly. Kate was professed on her death-bed, and was given the name of Sister Mary de Lourdes. She died the same day.

Sister Angela in the Reminiscences gives an account of the death of Sister de Lourdes, which occurred on the 17 October, 1902. Kate was the first Sister of Compassion to die. She is buried at the Sisters of Compassion original plot at Karori.

Born                    Entered                Professed               Died               Place of Death            Place of Burial

N.B.D                    1901                   17.10.1902          17.10.1902            Island Bay                       Karori