Her novitiate training commenced on the 14 October, 1915, when she received her religious name Sister Mary Clare. Mother Aubert had sent her name from Rome, together with the names for Sister Marcelle, Pia and Monica. Sister Clare was professed on October 4, 1917.

In June 1926 Sister Clare was transferred to Jerusalem, and in 1933 she was again at Island Bay, this time in charge of the nursery. She also acted as sub-mistress of Novices.

During 1939 Sister Clare was transferred to Auckland where she stayed until January 1953. Her health, at this time was not good, and she needed to have medical treatment. Her condition gradually worsened until 1969 necessitating her admission to the infirmary where she remained for the rest of her life.

Sister Clare held no major position of responsibility during her religious life but was a willing and able person to step into the shoes of others as and when required. Her quiet and pleasant personality was noted during her years of working in the nursery at the Island Bay Home. Her affection towards the sick and handicapped babies was notable and appreciated.

Sister Clare had the privilege of living with Mother Aubert and journeying with other pioneering sisters as the Sisters of Compassion developed and expanded by opening new Homes of Compassion.  Her valuable contribution and presence with the community in Jerusalem during 1926-1933 enabled the mission to be maintained during a difficult period of its history.

Clare was on the fringe for ‘opening the windows to the Holy Spirit’ waiting to see what Vatican 11 had to offer religious life.  Tired and weary she waited for the final call from the Lord she loved and served so generously. Sister Clare died peacefully in the Infirmary at Island

Born                    Entered               Professed              Died               Place of Death            Place of Burial

13.11.1892        23.02.1915           04.10.1917          17.05.1973           Island Bay              Karori Cemetery