I thank God that Suzanne Aubert went to Rome to get the Decree of Praise so that she could continue the care of the Foundlings. I know without a doubt that if the Sisters of Compassion had not taken me in I would not be here today. I could have been taken in by the Sisters of Marcy like my half-sister.

Because the Home had a hospital in my time I received the most appropriate medical care which I needed: because I survived an abortion which caused my birth defeats and other medical problems. It is a miracle that I am here today against all odds given the fact that many doctors told me and the Sisters that I wouldn’t live for long.

If I was not at the Home of Compassion – What sort of an education would I have received alongside my peers? At Pius X School I was perfectly accepted by the children, even with my hearing aids and glasses and difficulty in walking. At Madeline Sophie’s school the kids were good and Sister Richardson, who was deaf, really understood me. At Erskine College there were 3 girls who couldn’t accept me so they beat me up.

Sisters like Sister Sheila got me into Māori Club and talked to me many times about Suzanne Aubert.

So this is why I am so passionate about Suzanne Aubert and the Home of Compassion Sisters. I know that Suzanne Aubert would understand me just like she understood you little brother who had big head that caused health problems.

I pray now and every day that Suzanne Aubert will be Beatified very soon.

Lord hear my prayer.

Linda Swayn (I’m holding the photo on the picture above)