Her eldest sister, Sister Aloysius, had entered the Sisters of Compassion eight years prior to Bridget’s entry. The farm was central to the life of the Kerrigan family. Her parents were supportive of the Sisters of Compassion by employing boys from the Jerusalem Mission and from the Island Bay Home, who they trained in animal management and agricultural skills. It is recorded that Bridget’s father gifted a cow to Mother Aubert and the letter of thanks to Mr. Kerrigan was kept until recent years within the family. A great grand-daughter, realising the value of the letter, returned it to the Sisters of Compassion.

After a nine month period of Postulancy, Bridget commenced her Noviciate training at the Sisters of Compassion Mother House, Island Bay. At this time she received her Religious name Sister Ignatius. Following her Profession, Sister Ignatius spent time in Jerusalem-Hiruhārama and Island Bay caring for the children and attending to the sick. Sister Ignatius was chosen to be a member of the newly formed St. Vincent’s Home of Compassion in Auckland.

During 1941, Sister Ignatius, accompanied by two companions, was appointed to Broken Hill, Australia, to establish a new foundation in this remote area. A letter of condolence written after her death to the then Sister-in-Charge of the Sisters of Compassion, expressed sincere gratitude for the acts of kindness and empathy which Sister Ignatius gave to the elderly and children who came under her care at St. Anne’s Home, Broken Hill. Her gentle personality and compassionate consideration touched many lonely and abandoned adults and children. Ignatius and her sister, Aloysius, were adventurous young women and were proud to be pioneering Sisters of the Sisters of Compassion. They had the privilege of living with Mother Aubert. Sister Ignatius absorbed her spirituality and courageously followed her through the highs and lows of the beginnings of the Congregation.

Increasing ill health affected her activities and Sister Ignatius was admitted into the Sisters’ Infirmary at Island Bay for nursing care.

Birth                     Entered               Professed              Died            Place of Death           Place of Burial

24.09.1882       20.08.1915            03.04.1918        08.05.1951        Island Bay              Karori Cemetery