Her reason for coming to New Zealand was to find a husband. Her plans changed 6 years later when she decided to enter the convent; she had been inspired by the life of the Cenacle Sisters. The decision of which Congregation to enter was decided for her by her Parish Priest opening the phone book and the first religious community entered was ‘Compassion Sisters, Herne Bay, Auckland.’  Sister had never heard of the Sisters of Compassion. Sister Christine has now been professed for 50 years and is grateful to the Congregation for giving her the opportunities she has had for study and renewal. Sister was Junior Professed Mistress and has been Community Leader at Silverstream and Fiji. Sister Christina now lives at Jerusalem where she welcomes visitors and is happy to live in the place where our Congregation was founded by Suzanne Aubert.
Sadly, after a short illness in 2018, Sister Christina died. There have been no permanent sisters at Hiruhārama site since then.