During 1928 Sister Charles passed the State Examination in General Nursing. When the Aubert Home was opened in Wanganui in 1931, Sister became the Local Treasurer there. From then on her mission embraced many of our Homes. One might call her a ‘pioneer’ as she was a foundation member not only of Wanganui, but also Broken Hill and Timaru. Sister Charles returned on four occasions to the Mother House, Island Bay and also served at Auckland and Jerusalem. Her duties often included that of Treasurer.

Those who knew Sister most throughout her religious life remember her deep sense of vocation which must have been the rallying point on many occasions when her strong character came to the fore. Hand in hand with this went her kindness to the Sisters, and an apology that inevitably came if she had been in the wrong.

Throughout her religious life she worked hard and her work was that of a perfectionist. The children who went through her hands were taught to work well and their presence at her funeral showed that they had not forgotten the Sister who had taught them so thoroughly.

Sister Charles continued as a valued member of the Sisters of Compassion, until she began to suffer ill health. She was relieved of the Treasurer’s duties, but continued with the sewing and altering of the Sisters’ habits, which after the 1963 General Chapter were beginning to be modified. She used to travel from House to House updating the habits, and sharing her skills with others.

The mercy of God was seen in the quick and peaceful way her final call came. A stroke in the early hours of Tuesday, 27 January, 1976, took away her movement and her speech. She had shown a keen intellect and a vast general knowledge, so how hard would the future have been for her if denied the possibility of communicating to others. She died peacefully on the morning of the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

Born                    Entered               Professed              Died                Place of Death            Place of Burial

02.07.1903      15.08.1921            19.03.1924        02.02.1976            Island Bay              Karori Cemetery