John McMahon, said of Sister Chanel: ‘she was another Mother of mine and was always trying to make my life at Buckle St as near home life as possible. I could bring my school mates in and was allowed to go to their places’.

Sister Chanel kept a very good diary which has proved very helpful when recording the history of Suzanne Aubert and the early Sisters.

Sister Chanel was left in charge of the Buckle Street Home, when the novitiate was moved to Island Bay in 1908. She must have been a very competent person, as she was elected Second Assistant by the Extraordinary General Chapter of 1912 as well as being appointed Novice Mistress “pro Tem” during the illness of Sister Marcelle. Sister retained the office of Novice Mistress until 6 November, 1918, even though the appointment of 1912 had never been formally confirmed.

During 1920 Sister returned to the Buckle Street Home until 1925 when increasing infirmity led to her retirement to Island Bay as her heart became affected. It was only by sheer force of will that she kept from becoming bedridden. During the last years of her life, she became subject to sudden sharp attacks that brought her to the verge of death often, but 24 hours or two days after receiving the sacrament of the Sick, she would be up and about as usual. She loved to visit the patients and assisted in feeding the helpless ones whenever and as long as she was able.

Finally in 1934 and 1935 she grew much worse, and was aware that her heart was in such poor condition that she might die at any moment. Sister Chanel never complained even though for the last three or four months of her life, she endured great discomfort and pain. Sister Chanel had said the litany of St. Joseph every day for a happy death, and was devoted to the Rosary. Sister died on the 11 January, 1936, and was buried at the first new burial plot of the Sisters at Karori.

Born                Entered            Professed              Died                  Place of Death           Place of Burial

10.03.1872       1900               08.12.1901        11.01.1936               Island Bay              Karori Cemetery