She began her Novitiate on 17 September, 1908, and received her religious name of Sister Mary Augustine.  She was Professed on 28 September, 1910. In June, 1915 she went to Auckland as a Councillor, and held  this  position until  she  returned  to the Mother House in April, 1916 to  prepare  for  her Perpetual Profession.

In 1919 she was elected Second Councillor at the Mother House and remained in this position until 1926.  From 1926 – 1929 Sister Augustine spent two and a half years at Buckle Street, and then returned to Island Bay.  Once more she was appointed Second Councillor and remained in this office until 1933, when she was appointed first as Acting Sister in Charge, then in 1936 Sister in Charge at Island Bay.

At the General Chapter of 1939, Sister Augustine was elected Second on the Leadership Team, a position she held until 1957 when she became a member of the Island Bay Community.

For over 40 years she held responsible positions within the Congregation, but there was an utter simplicity about her.  It would be difficult to enumerate her good qualities, but she was a true Sister of Compassion, a woman of prayer, with a great spirit of faith, of obedience, of self-sacrifice and a deep compassion.  She had a great respect for authority and always upheld it.  

That is not a complete list but only some of the things that were noticeable in her. She was absolutely selfless and never seemed to think of herself.  She was an example to all, always ready to join in all Community activities and to lend a hand where needed.  For as long as she could she looked after the caps and the goffering.

Sister Augustine had a fine sense of fun and a very hearty laugh.  She gave herself generously to God’s service in the Congregation she loved so dearly, and was rewarded with a holy and peaceful death which is surely part of the hundredfold.

At her death Sister Augustine was in her 88th year, and the 64th of her Religious Profession.  With the exception of 2 and half years at Buckle Street and 10 months in Auckland, Sister spent the whole of her religious life at Island Bay.

Born                   Entered              Professed            Died               Place of Death           Place of Burial

20.11.1886       19.03.1908         28.09.1910        08.12.1973         Island Bay                    Karori