Sister Bernadette spent the first part of her Religious Life at the Island Bay Home of Compassion, but in 1940 she was transferred to Auckland until 1957, and then to Carterton where she stayed until 1964.  While in Carterton, Sister was far from well and she was admitted to our Hospital at Island Bay to undergo a major operation on a malignant growth.  It was due to her poor health that she was moved to Silverstream in March the same year. Sister later had to have further surgery which revealed a second large growth but it was not removed.

As Sister’s condition worsened, she was confined to the Sisters of Compassion Infirmary.  She was able to sit up in a chair for short periods, and also go to Mass each day.  Gradually her condition deteriorated until she was compelled to give up going to Mass to which she had great devotion, the last time was Saturday, 13 February 1965.  Sister Bernadette suffered from severe pain which she bravely bore with great patience.  Her resignation to her approaching death and gratitude to God for having time to prepare for it was evident to those in close touch with her. During her last illness and in dying Sister Bernadette was truly edifying.

Born                    Entered               Professed                  Died                 Place of Death           Place of Burial

28.01.1902      16.08.1926           11.02.1929            20.02.1965             Island Bay                    Karori