Gwendoline entered the Sisters of Compassion on the 6 March, 1937, and was professed on the 15th September, 1939. Sister trained as a nurse in our hospital and obtained State Registration in 1946. About three years later Sister Andrew was appointed Local Superior of the community sent to Castledare Boys’ Home at Cannington, Perth, Western Australia, run by the Christian Brothers.  Together with Sisters Casimir, Flora and James, they left New Zealand on the Dominion Monarch on 12 November, 1949, arriving in Perth on 21 November. When some Sisters, refugees from Communist China, arrived in Australia to take over the work at Castledare in 1951, Sister Andrew was transferred to Broken Hill.

Sister Andrew attended the General Chapter of the Sisters of Compassion in 1957 during which she was elected Novice Mistress replacing Sister Elizabeth, holding this this position until 1963. She worked in Auckland, Wanganui, Island Bay and Chanel Home of Compassion in Fiji, and wherever she went she was loved and respected.

Sister Andrew was a clown and loved to entertain, in fact she was extremely good at it. Her best act and one she loved to perform was with Sister Eynard. Both of their fathers were policemen and they used to march round mimicking policemen to the tune of the ‘Happy Policeman’. It was a real crowd pleaser.

Sister had a great rapport and got on well with everyone. She was never known to say anything derogatory about anyone, and was known for her gentleness and fun.

Sister Andrew was transferred to Aubert Home of Compassion, Wanganui in 1990, where she died 3 March, 2003.

Birth                  Entered             Professed            Died                Place of Death                Place of Burial

15.11.1914       06.03.1937       15.09.1939       03.03.2003           Wanganui                 Wanganui Cemetery