Edith became a convert to Catholicism in 1937 largely through the influence of her friend Eileen (Sister Gertrude, a Little Sister of the Poor). In 1940 she left Australia by boat to enter a Congregation she knew very little about. Crossing any stretch of water around our coast during World War II was hazardous as German raiders and later Japanese submarines were not infrequently sighted.

At her Reception into the Noviciate in September, 1941, Edith received Anastasia as her religious name; she was professed in September, 1943. Following her profession Sister Anastasia became a member of the Island Bay community serving in the various ministries of the Home, caring for the babies, nursing the elderly and assisting with the collection of donations with the daily van duties. Nursing the sick and elderly at the Aubert Home, St Joseph’s Home, St Anne’s Home and then Loreto Home in Wagga Wagga brought her great joy and fulfilment. She appreciated returning to her homeland and closer contact with her family. Her strong spirit of determination overcame the physical disability she suffered with her feet. With special footwear she bravely embraced her work of constant walking and standing.

Sister Anastasia enjoyed the company of her friends and was known to make the most of any opportunity for singing. She loved to celebrate birthdays and had the ability to turn any occasion into a joyful event. With an audience Sister was known to have the capacity to be controversial in her conversations, a stirrer with a twinkle in her eye, amusing and entertaining in her own right.

Ill health necessitated her return to Island Bay where she received nursing care in St Anne’s Ward there until the time of her death on 27 March, 1995.

Born                  Entered               Professed             Died                 Place of Death      Place of Burial

05.05.1915       17.12.1940          15.09.1943       27.05.1995             Island Bay            Karori