Kevin has been living in one of Compassion Housing’s homes in Levin since 2015. The former carpenter and builder came to live here after the death of his wife, with whom he shared a home in Foxton.

“My daughter had a house here in Levin, and I moved in with her. Then later on about 2015, I decided to move out of where she was living,” says Kevin. After applying, it took him five months to secure himself one of Compassion Housing’s homes.

At 89 years old, he lives a quiet life after multiple operations and a stroke that affected him some time ago. He enjoys spending time in his small vegetable garden and receives frequent visits from his daughter during the week. Occasionally the Sisters of Compassion visit him too. “They brought some veggies the other day. They are lovely people.”

Kevin is happy and relaxed with this home and has no plans to leave.

“I enjoy my little patch here, it’s so nice and quiet and it’s big enough for me. I’m happy.”