Louisa was baptised and confirmed in the church of Wodonga, the sister city of Albury. Louisa’s sense of responsibility led her to supporting her parents with the family’s education and duties, unselfishly placing her own desire for entering Religious life until she was in her mid-thirties. Her reference letter for the parish priest indicated that at an early age she had developed a strong sense of love for church life and personal prayer, offering time and energy to parish activities and attending daily Mass. Her employment as a secretary supplemented the family income especially with the education of her siblings. Her choice of Congregation came after her reading the story of Suzanne Aubert.

Louisa received the name Sister Mary Ursula at her reception into the Sisters of Compassion. Following her Profession, she did her General Nursing training. Once completed, Sister Ursula was appointed to St Anne’s Home in Broken Hill. The ministry of caring for the aged and the children, especially in her homeland of Australia, delighted Sister Ursula. Her leadership role as Community councillor was much appreciated by the Sisters.

Unfortunately, ill health necessitated Sister Ursula’s return to New Zealand. Rheumatoid arthritis became a very painful and crippling illness for her.  This physical suffering she bravely and stoically accepted as the symptoms of her illness increased almost daily. The mental frustration of not being able to be an active member of her Community was courageously accepted. The Sisters greatly admired her generosity by her willing undertaking of the duties of the Hospital kitchenette. Once relieved from this duty, Sister Ursula then went in search of another and assisted with the mending of the children’s clothing. Her gentle and quiet personality often had a word of encouragement to Sisters who she observed were overworked and tired. From her sick bed she started an apostolate of prayer with a litany of intentions, covering all peoples and circumstances. As Sister Ursula accepted her illness, she accepted her death and God’s love for her.

Born                 Entered              Professed              Died              Place of Death           Place of Burial

15.08.1905    06.09.1940         19.03.1943        23.05.1977          Wellington             Karori Cemetery