Sister Sue wrote: My Grandfather’s cousin said to me at the time ‘Be present with and have room in my heart for the least of God’s little ones’ so, with those words ringing in my ears, the journey from Timaru to Wellington began and a rhythm of Prayer, Community, and Ministry quickly unfolded. Whether it was working in the laundry, or the kitchen, or the nursery, life was full and exciting. It was all about ‘seeing God in all things’.  In 1974 Jane and I began our Nursing Training. Practical skills were learned and more especially the deeper call to heed the words that resonate with me today – those words of Pope Francis ‘Let us open our eyes and what’s happening in our world…’ The next 20 years or so found me caring for people in our Hospital, the elderly, and some disabled women and then in Christchurch being very involved and helping care for, people living with HIV Aids.  Every experience I had come together as I moved to Hiruharama/Jerusalem to the ‘cradle of our Institute’. The next 10 years saw me living with, and learning from, the tangata whenua of the Whanganui River. Here at Jerusalem, home to the Sisters of Compassion for more than 120 years, we offered hospitality to pilgrims and travellers, were kiatiaki (guardians) of the Church and surrounding environment, and most especially were privileged to be actively involved in all aspects of life with the local community.  I was blessed indeed as God was revealed in the beauty of the Whanganui Awa – the morning sunrise, the mist hanging over the river, the young Mother as she carried her child, the kuia as she prayed, the families as they met together on the Marae and I take these blessings and many more, with me back here in Wellington.” Sister Sue was elected to the Leadership Team in 2017. She is one of many Volunteer Community Companions with Mary Potter Hospice to help support people receiving hospice care in their own homes so that they can remain in the community as long as possible.