“The Sisters of Compassion had been in my parish for seven years when I left Tonga for Wellington to start my twenty-five years journey as a Sisters of Compassion. After my Profession as a Religious Sister in 1995, I returned to Tonga in 1999 to work as a teacher in a school run by the SMSM Sisters. In 2014 when the Sisters of Compassion closed down the mission temporarily I believed it was Divine Providence. It was a time to reflect and assess the mission of compassion in Tonga. The question of ‘when and how’ it will reopen is in God’s hands. Suzanne Aubert once said we are doing God’s work. If He wishes us to continue, He will find the way.”  Early in January 2018 Sister Sosefina and Sister Alisi Tu’lpulotu formed the first community of Sisters of Compassion to live in Levin. Their main mission is to support the tenants living in the compassion units scattered around Levin, Shannon and Foxton.