The Meannee settlement of farmers was well known to Suzanne Aubert as she spent several years working in the district alongside the Marist Fathers assisting them with missionary work amongst the Maori people. The Mission Sisters had a significant influence on the Devine daughters with four of them entering their Order. Elizabeth often called ‘Lizzie’ spent the last years of her schooling as a boarder with the view of joining her sisters in the convent.

However the call to the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion was greater and Elizabeth joined the community at Buckle Street. She received the name of Raphael at reception into noviciate and two years later made her religious profession.

Records show that Sister Raphael alternated between two communities Jerusalem and Buckle Street for many years before having short spells at St Joseph’s Heretaunga, Carterton and Wanganui. She attended and completed two Courses of Instructions with the St John Ambulance Association successfully qualifying as a person to render “First Aid to the Injured”.

Her involvement with physical ministry was limited due to being affected with episodes of mental instability, an affliction she carried with courage and resignation. Her routine daily tasks within the community environment were valued and appreciated by the Sisters who support her according to her condition. Her gentle and quiet personality alongside her love for the mass and constant prayer gave Raphael inner fortitude to carry her cross of mental illness with dignity and calm.

A life of sacrifice lived in union with Our Lady of Compassion at the foot of the Cross Sister Raphael was well prepared to meet the Lord she loved. Sister served Him well and to the best of her ability as a Sister of Compassion. Sister had a peaceful death at the Home in Island Bay.


Born                        Entered               Professed            Died              Place of Death        Place of Burial

15.09.1885          20.04.1906          02.10.1909       29.08.1970          Wellington           Karori Cemetery