Born Entered Professed Died Place of Death Place of Burial
28.03.1930 Feb. 1953 15.09.1955 22.10.2021 Loreto Home Wagga Cemetery

Sister Michael was born in Suva, Fiji on 28 March 1930, the eldest child of Euphemia and Soani Halahigano. She had two sisters and a brother. At her baptism she was given the name Philomena but called Filo. Her father was a good carpenter and very popular with the missionaries, so they moved from mission to mission in her early years.

When Philo was about eight or nine, she was sent by her mother to the Marist Sisters boarding school in Nadi. During World War II, she returned home and attended school at St Anne’s. Filomena Sioani entered the Sisters of Compassion in February 1953 and was given the name Sister Michael.

After completing her formation in New Zealand, Sister Michael was stationed at the Chanel Home of Compassion in Fiji where she taught at St Agnes’s Primary School, run by the Sisters of Compassion. Because of her extraordinary gift with language, Sister Michael was a key staff member. Her ability to understand the children who came from many different islands and diverse cultural backgrounds, made it easier for them to assimilate into the school environment. Sister spoke English, Fijian, Hindustani, Chinese and Wallisian.

Besides living in Fiji and Tonga, Sister Michael worked in many places where she also cared for the aged and was very good at pastoral care.

For the past 26 years, Sister Michael has called Loreto Home of Compassion in Wagga her home, where she devoted herself to prayer and the pastoral care of the residents. Sister had a very generous spirit. She loved the Lord and the people who came her way. Thank you Michael for your faithful life of service to God as a Sister of Compassion.